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Something Strange...
Do We think about the begining or the end?
Why are our hearts shadowed by darkness?
Why is it hard to seek the light when it has already been sought?
Why do we see whats already been seen?
Why do we hear most of which has not been heard?
And why, why can we only touch what cannot be touched and feel what only can be felt?
The tears we cry are prieces of the soul, once we have cried much there will be no more.
Why do we stand in a clear meadow but only see fog?
Why do We not make sound but are always heard?
Why do we stand for freedom but are always behind bars?
It is a mystery to me...maybe we are trying to hard, maybe not trying hard enough.  Maybe being to real or not real at all. Maybe we are fine maybe not.. every one thinks so but very few do not.  But how do we explain it, feel it or touch it? that is not a mystery to me.  I dont know what haunts us day and night.. it is something we cannot face nor fight. We cannot say it or write it down.  It hurts us more and more every day, and more so we feel its pain.  I dont think any one is real any more, im not even sure if im the real me.  No one will stop no one will turn to see the reflection ... could be good could be bad we do not know. I hope we can stop, hope we can tell Him what we have lost.