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Me and my 2004 lamb under the banner at the Livestock show,
There we won 2nd place  heavy weight class, and senior showmanship.  He was a Blue suffolk, and weighed in at a incredible 167lbs, which was the only thing that held him back from taking grand champion. I sold him in the sale for $1500.
I have shown lambs for 10 years, that was my last year to show a market lamb.  I took him to several prospect shows including, Boerne, (4th place heavy weight natural colored.) out of 29. 
Gonzales, 1st place heavy weight, overall grand champ and breed champion.  He was a amazing lamb that I was very lucky to have, there arent many like that.  The Lamb project is a very hard project to take on, you have the animal for about 9 months, from buying, training, fitting and showing.
Lambs have very low immune systems and catch diseases easily.
This makes the project harder.
Plus They have to be the stupidest animals in the world! not intelligent at all.  But it is a fun project to try and enjoy!